Accessibility on Mac OS X

If you use Mac OS X, iamhomer requires “Accessibility” permissions to be enabled so it can inspect the window titles of the applications where you are spending time. Without these additional permissions iamhomer cannot capture usage statistics.

How do I enable “Accessibility” permissions on my Mac?

1. After the first startup you might see the following dialog. Click on “Turn on Accessibility”.

Accessibility - Step 1 - Turn on Accessibility


2. If you do not see this dialog then open “System Preferences” > “Security & Privacy”.

Accessibility - Step 2 - System Preferences


3. Select “Accessibility in the left pane.

Accessibility - Step 3 - Security & Privacy - Accessibility


4. Unlock “Accessibility” settings by clicking the lock icon and entering your credentials.

Accessibility - Step 4 - Unlock Security & Privacy - Accessibility


5. Select iamhomer or add iamhomer if missing.

Accessibility - Step 5 - Select or Add iamhomer


6. Enable “Accessibility” for iamhomer by clicking its checkbox.

Accessibility - Step 6 - Enable iamhomer


7. Lock your Settings by clicking the lock icon again.

Accessibility - Step 7 - Lock Security & Privacy - Accessibility


That’s all! Now iamhomer collects data! Still having problems? Contact our support team!

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